martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014


This story is about a six years old girl,she was blond and green eyes.She loved her doll,her ugly and horrible doll.She lived in a cottage in the middle of the wood.The doll was hunnted,when something bad happened to the doll,somebody loved by the girl would died.
Finally the girl endied up alone.When she grew,the people thought she killed her family.They were scared of her.Her house was miysteriously and sacary.She became crazy and she killed all the kids who had toys.She collected all the toys in her mysterius house.Whe she died the people made a horror museum with all of the scary toys.This museum is only opened for Halloween.

By Miriam Heredero
     Sara Lietor
     Jesús Alberto Izquierdo
     Sergio Mora
     Raúl Gonzalez     (3ºESOB)

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